Sunday, November 4, 2012

Theme Template For a Specific Portlet

If you want to have your own template for Sign In portlet, you can simply:

  1. Go to your templates directory (theme/docroot/_diffs/templates/)
  2. Copy portlet.vm into portlet.58.vm (58 is a portlet id for Sign In portlet)
  3. Now, Sign In portlet will use portlet.58.vm, other portlets will use default portlet.vm
The same applies for instanceable portlets (e.g. you can have portlet.101_INSTANCE_ABCDE.vm).

You can find the nice piece of logic for loading a portlet template (both VM and FTL) inside com.liferay.taglib.util.ThemeUtil. It's simple:

  • Let's render portlet portlet with Id: 1_WAR_samplejsonportlet_INSTANCE_UgOvIB6Y3Ppb
  1. Portal first tries to find portlet.1_WAR_samplejsonportlet_INSTANCE_UgOvIB6Y3Ppb.vm
  2. Then tries portlet.1_WAR_samplejsonportlet.vm
  3. Finally use portlet.vm

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